Colasanti & Iurato | Personal Business Services
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Personal Business Services

Tax Preparation for Individuals

Before tax time rolls around, remember that we not only do tax prep and returns for businesses – but we’ll prepare your personal returns as well. The benefits of this dual service ensure that you receive a more thorough return that captures all the deductions offered to business owners.


Learn how Colasanti & Iurato can help you exceed your business goals. Fill out the form below or call our White Plains Office: 914.923.5400

Income verification- Prepping for mortgages, loans

The current lending environment provides a lot of challenges, securing a mortgage or apartment have become increasingly difficult and complex. This is especially true for the self-employed, who are often required to prove steady income for longer than traditionally employed individuals. To provide proof of income, self-employed individuals are often asked to obtain authoritative documentation from their CPA. Often, a letter written and signed by a CPA certifying the accuracy of the income and/or tax returns of the applicant is sufficient. Colasanti & Iurato can:

  • Confirm your self-employment status
  • Verify your income from self-employment over a multiyear period
  • Verify your business income and ownership percentage
  • Calculating the profitability and sustainability of your business
  • Analyzing how a real estate purchase could impact your business finances

Individual Tax Planning:

Remember – we work for you, not the IRS

Tax planning is a year round challenge that requires a lot more than simply calculating deductions and filing your yearly 1040 every April. Let Colasanti & Iurato design a customized tax strategy that meets your specific financial needs. We can help you preserve your income and assets by:

  • Minimizing tax liability on income and investments with year-round planning
  • Deferring income and expenses to future years for better long-term financial planning
  • Reducing tax liability on your estate so your family can keep more of what you make
  • Reducing taxes on gifts so you can share more of your money safely
  • Reducing taxes on your retirement income so you can relax
  • Maximizing tax deductions so you can keep more of your income